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We’re enjoying the heck out of Hawaii. I don’t mind at all that the temps are in the 80’s while it’s snow and -20 windchills at home.

Of course, the best part of the whole trip was this:

When you get an alert like this, it helps to have a son who works for the military so he can get the scoop.

No resolutions here!

(I know myself well enough to know I won’t keep a resolution of being good about posting here again.

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It snows! I just have to keep telling myself that it won't last long.

But at least someone was enjoying it, even if she did lose three balls in the snow!

I'm a planner

I HATE leaving everything until the last minute, especially when there are outside people involved, because that just jacks them around. So I've been planning our trip to Hawaii for next January. I made flight reservations already, because I want the flights that aren't going to take us 18+ hours to get there for the less expensive flights. Lynda (from Wyoming) is coming with us, so she'll fly from Casper to Denver and we'll meet up and fly together from there. I've started the process of making lodging reservations because, again, I've found condos on VRBO that everybody likes for decent prices; I don't want to wait to reserve and then: Oops! Somebody else has reserved it for our dates! Time to look again! and have to settle for something that doesn't work as well.
I was finalizing stuff for our stay on Kauai, and needed some flight information, only to see that our itinerary has us flying to chicago and then to Seattle! I called customer service to get it straightened out ASAP, but didn't get very far. Of course, the woman I talked to had a strong accent and was probably in India, so she couldn't appreciate how it didn't make as much sense to fly east to Chicago then west to Seattle...and then we would land in Honolulu and have to change planes again to get to Kauai. She called the airline and said she was told that there was no change to my itinerary, so I'll give it a little time and see what falls out. I just want everything to be straightened out before the morning we go to fly out. Always something....

First robin of the year!

On the way back to the house on our walk, the dogs and I saw robins in our trees. At least this year, it's not as cold for them as it is some years, even if we did get snow last night.


I got a phone call last night from Jeff--about 10 minutes after I fell asleep, so I was pretty out of it. He wanted to tell me that he had finally been given his security clearance at work, so he's now allowed in the "red" zones. Good timing, because he's supposed to take a class that starts soon, but he needs the clearance for. Otherwise, he would have to wait until June to take it. His shift changed, though, so now he gets home about 6pm which is 10 pm our time.

Global warming

I never thought I would get too hot walking the dogs with a long sleeved t shirt on in February! Yesterday, it got to 70 degrees, but I didn't get to enjoy it, since I was at work. It didn't get quite as warm today, but they got to swim in the creek, and then we hung out on the deck when we got home.

Full moon

The weather has been relatively nice today, so I went outside with the dogs a couple of times tonight to see if any eclipse was visible. No eclipse, but the moon sure was bright.

Sunny day.

Yesterday was sunny for a change, with the temps right around freezing, so I made the drive to see my mom, then took her for a drive around the countryside.

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Dead deer trail

I ended up taking the dogs to the far end of the dead deer trail. I had to leash up Tod to get him in the car, but I think he enjoyed himself--until he went down the bank to get in the water and had a hard time making the jump to start back up the hill. It's hell getting old!Izzy made it back up without any problems.Once Tod finally made it back up, of course Izzy was in his face.